Summer Schedule Overview


Our complete schedule will be posted in our Teamsnap site for all families.

TAG Rugby Practice:

Monday and Thursday evenings:

U7 / U9 / U11 / U13 – 6:30pm until 7:45pm  (Please note, typically the U7s players will end 15minutes earlier at 7:30pm)

(this schedule will be confirmed at the start of the season, adjustments are made as necessary)

Practice Location:

Sligo Middle School
1401 Dennis Avenue
Silver Spring MD 20902
Complete directions can be found on the directions page.

Our practice location may change this summer, as the fields at Sligo Middle school are expected to be offline for part of the summer months.  We will try to provide as much advance notice as possible.

PLEASE NOTE Over the first few practices may be shared with a baseball team.  Please make sure your kids walk around the baseball practice and not thru when crossing the field.

We do recognize some kids might have other obligations that cause them to miss a game or two, the occasional practice or have vacations planned that take them away for a week or a couple weekends.  We simply ask for notice of absences, particularly for games or extended periods so the coaches can plan accordingly.

Games will be Saturday mornings (sometimes late morning for the older groups). Our first matches are expected to be June 16th and will run thru the end of July.  We also expect to have one or two weekday evening matches.  The exact game schedule should be available by the second week of June. We expect to play our home matches at Sligo Middle School.

It is very important the coaches know in advance when your player(s) will not be at a game.  Please remember to mark your players in Teamsnap when your player will NOT be available for a game or practice!

End of season state tournament
The end of season MD state tournament will be on July 28th /29th.  The tournament is an all day affair, with multiple games, playoffs, etc.  We usually enter as many teams as we have players interested in competing.  Usually, U9 and U11 play on Saturday, U13 and U15 play on Sunday.  Over our history, seasons we have been very successful at the tournament, winning championships and placing in various age groups and running as many teams as possible to support all our players.