2019 Summer Registration OPEN

Registration for the 2019 Summer Tag season is OPEN!!
We have opened registration for the summer TAG – PAC registration is online with Teamsnap.


Please visit the How to join section of the website for details:  http://pacyouthrugby.org/how-to-join/

Don’t forget USARugby membership also needs to be completed – again visit the how to join section of the web site for more information

New players are welcome – we encourage our participating families to help us recruit thru their own social media, neighborhood and school list serves!  Invite a friend or a neighbor to come try!  Our best recruiters are the families and players who are in the program already!!

We are ALWAYS in need of additional coaches to support the program– we will help you learn and you will have plenty of veteran rugby and coaching support.  But the program doesn’t happen without people offering their time and energy to support these young athletes! If you have an interest in helping coach, please speak with one of the coaches or email us at this address.  (All coaches are required to register with USARugby and submit to the USARugby youth coach background check.)