Equipment needs are fairly simple – cleats are preferred, soccer cleats are fine, or any other shoe suitable for running on grass and provide traction for stop/start and cutting, but no sharp cleats are allowed. Practices include plenty of exercise, players should wear the appropriate clothing (shorts and t-shirts) for warm summer evenings and lots of activity. Players should always bring plenty of water or other drinks since the playing season is in the summer when heat and humidity can be high. There will be frequent water breaks at all practices and games.

Game jerseys will be provided, players should wear navy blue blue shorts (rugby shorts, soccer shorts or other athletic shorts) and red socks (soccer/rugby socks are fine).

There is no protective equipment required for youth rugby. Some parents do prefer thier children use mouthpieces since there is the possibility of incidental contact between players (about the same as children’s basketball or soccer).

Sport eyeglasses are permitted, with a strap, for tag rugby.

Any specific questions can be directed to any of the coaching staff.